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    We treat your guineas as though they are our own and use only the best products to care for them.


    We sell all ages and offer a personalised service for your new family members.


    As registered and award-winning guinea pig breeders, we are dedicated to breeding purebred guinea pigs both for showing and as friendly pets. While you’re away, we also provide your pet with a secure, clean and healthy holiday retreat where they will receive great food and one-on-one attention. Our quality products are tried and tested by us as we only want the best for your pet. Our service doesn’t stop there. We are committed to providing ongoing information and support to help you care for your companions.

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    Guinea Pig Retreat

    We provide a comfortable, safe and healthy retreat for your pet to enjoy while you’re away.

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    Guinea Pig Sales

    We are a registered guinea pig breeder specialising in short haired varieties in various colours.

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    Guinea Pig Care

    We provide you with information on how to care for your guinea pig once they arrive at their new home.

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    Guinea Products

    We supply a variety of products that only we use and recommend based on our years of experience.

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    For your best friend

    We offer a friendly, full service for guinea pig owners. We breed and sell guinea pigs that are handled from birth, provide quality food and products, and offer helpful advice and secure boarding services. Our goal is to empower you with the tools and information to care for your guinea pig.

    Social Responsibility Statement

    We believe all guinea pigs deserve excellent care so that they can enjoy their lives with us. We provide animals in our care with clean cages and bedding, a safe and comfortable environment, as well as fresh vegetables, vitamin-enriched food and clean, fresh water. We know guinea pigs thrive when they feel safe and secure. We ensure all our animals are handled calmly and with love and care.

    Mission Statement

    Working together to ensure all guinea pigs enjoy their best life.




    We Love Guineas

    Guinea pigs make great pets for children and adults. First and foremost, they’re a cute ball of fur that loves to play and snuggle. They’re gentle by nature, well behaved, very health conscious and easy to care for. They’re also affectionate and enjoy a snuggle on your lap. No wonder they’re such a popular pet!



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