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As a registered and award-winning guinea pig breeder, we are dedicated to breeding purebred guinea pigs both for showing and as friendly pets. While you’re away, we also provide your pet with a secure, clean and healthy holiday retreat where they will receive great food and one-on-one attention. Our quality products are tried and tested by us as we only want the best for your pet. Our service doesn’t stop there. We are committed to providing ongoing information and support to help you care for your companions.



We breed a variety of short-haired guinea pigs.


We regularly show our guinea pigs and have received multiple awards in various classes.


Our Guinea Pig Retreat offers a comfortable and relaxing environment for your pets.


We have a variety of products available for your pet that we use based on our years of experience.

How we started

We bought our first guinea pigs, Brownie and Snowflake, as pets for our children 10 years ago. I was instantly smitten by their sweet, quirky nature and surprised at how two small creatures could bring so much joy into our lives.

I started visiting local shows and learning more about the different breeds. I fell in love with the tortoise and whites and sourced my own stock from NSW and WA, I then began breeding guinea pigs. From there, my children and I made our way onto the show circuit, exhibiting at cavy clubs across Sydney. We learnt about grooming techniques and what judges look for in a show animal and we met some wonderful people along the way. A highlight was winning Best in Show under an international Judge who came all the way from England.


As an animal lover, pet owner and breeder, I have tried to learn as much as possible about guinea pigs so that I can keep my small herd happy, healthy and comfortable. I have come to understand their little quirks – their likes and dislikes – and can tell by their behaviour whether they’re content, afraid or nervous. I can spot when they are off colour and I know how to look after them if they become unwell, including when to seek veterinary treatment. I am passionate about their care and equally passionate about sharing what I have learnt with others.

Social Responsibility Statement

We believe all guinea pigs deserve excellent care so that they can enjoy their lives with us. We provide animals in our care with clean cages and bedding, a safe and comfortable environment, as well as fresh vegetables, vitamin-enriched food and clean, fresh water. We know guinea pigs thrive when they feel safe and secure. We ensure all our animals are handled calmly and with love and care

Mission Statement

Working together to ensure all guinea pigs enjoy their best life.