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November 23, 2021

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Going on holiday, need guinea pig boarding

It’s been another tough year living with COVID restrictions, lockdowns and loss of freedoms. Now that things are opening up and people are feeling more confident, holidays are back on the agenda again. If you’re planning to go away this holiday season and wondering who will look after your pet, our guinea pig retreat still has some vacancies.

As a pet owner, I know what it’s like to leave my pet with someone for the first time and worry if they are being looked after properly. Are they happy and safe? Are they eating properly? These are quite normal worries when leaving your pet behind, especially when it’s with someone new.  

When I look after someone else’s pet, I treat them like my own. All the guineas who board in our retreat receive the highest quality care during their stay with us. They’re pampered with healthy fresh food and water each day, a clean environment and lots of gentle care and attention.

When you drop off your pet, I like to spend a few minutes with you to understand more about their needs, their personalities and any particular idiosyncrasies. For example, are they timid and prefer minimal handling or do they enjoy human interaction? 

I had a lovely lady who dropped off her two guineas for a week-long stay. This was her first time at Prismatic guinea pig retreat, and I could sense she was feeling a little anxious about it. I invited her into the retreat so she could take a look for herself. As soon as she stepped in, I could see her mood relax. She told me it was much better than she had expected and felt confident knowing they would be happy and cared for while she went on holiday.

We all need a break after 2021. So pack your bags, leave your worries behind and know your pets will also get some R&R at our retreat.